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Final Expense Insurance

Losing someone close to your heart is a very painful experience. It becomes even more heart-wrecking because of the stress related to the burial expenses of the deceased. Relax and let us take care of everything for you.

Final expenses, from medical bills, funeral to burial, can go beyond $10,000. Without final expense insurance, we have seen many families face the traumatic situation of trying to come up with this amount of money. Some families have to borrow money on very high interest rates and the rest sell their valuable assets to bury their loved one.

Dont let this happen to your family…

We at Wade Benefit Services specialize in final expenses insurance ranging from $2,000 to $35,000. We offer level premiums during your entire plan with cash build-ups over time. As the duration of your insurance is prolonged, the financial benefits you get also increase without paying any more premiums.

Our final expense insurance plans cover everything from medical bills to taking care of the funeral and the burial.

Why stress about taking care of the arrangements when we are here to take care of everything for you.

..We have assisted many families get the benefits of final expense insurance cover by providing quick documentation and acceptance into the program.

✔ Quick documentation.

✔ Immediate approval in many cases.

✔ Minimum cover of $2000.

✔ Final expense protection covers up to $35000.

✔ Coverage for your whole life.

✔ Premiums never increase.

✔ Benefits never decrease or can’t be canceled based on health or age change.

✔No Physical Or Medical Exam Necessary As Part Of The application.

Life Insurance

Life is full of surprises, some are amazing, some can be beyond devastating.

  • Have you ever imagined what would happen to your family when you are no longer there to take care of them?
  • Do you have a financial plan in action that will give them a steady income in your absence?
  • Are you sure that your family will get everything they need and will never face financial difficuilties, ever again?

Give your family the financial stability and security they need to live the dream life you wish to provide them.

We have a wide range of financial solutions and strategies that will ensure that your family gets all the opportunities they need to live a secure and a progressive life.

Whether you are looking for an accidental death benefit, educational fund, security, tax free income or a wealth growth plan that guarantees you immense profits when it matures, we can develop a solid combination of all your needs in a single comprehensive life insurance plan.

We can also guide you in developing several insurance strategies that will get you amazing monetary benefits upon maturity while keeping your investment over time liquid in the event of an emergency.

Life Insurance Provides Some or All of These Benefits:

✓ Annual Income Support Plan for the Whole Family

✓ Educational and Health Protection For Your Children

✓ Lump Sum Cash Benefit For Your Family

✓ Liquidity, Financial  Control  & Safety

✓ Tax Free Income


Retirement Planning

We at Wade Benefit Services are committed to help you achieve financial freedom and confidence and retain your lifestyle after you retire.

We bring only the best retirement benefit options and income plans to the table that can help you provide growth in your wealth, provide you peace of mind while giving you the freedom to live the lifestyle you want.

We offer a range of retirement solutions, safe money investments, saving plans and financial opportunities.

We have modeled Wade Benefit Services to provide safe and secure financing opportunities to our clients.

We use fixed and index annuities to provide solutions for our client’s conservative to conservative-moderate investment needs. Our goal is to grow your hard-earned money manifolds without any risks.

✓ Independent expert advice on different financial options.

✓ Assistance in documentation and quick processing and approval on desired plans.

✓Guidance in gaining access to reliable and secure safe money options that ensure profits and growth.

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Live a stress free lifestyle of your dream.

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