Your house is the center of your lifestyle and a home to your family.

A small incident can take it away from you in an instant! Have you planned for the worst?

Learn How Mortgage

Protection Insurance Can

Protect You From Falling

Victim To Foreclosure

Can you imagine what would happen to your home and your family if something happens to you and you are unable to pay mortgage payments for months?

Banks and similar financial institutions can often be ruthless and they will not wait long before putting a foreclosure sign in front of your beautiful home.

Stop this from EVER happening to you and your family. Give them a home and protection you promised to provide.

Hi, I am Takeesha Wade, I have helped thousands of people understand the difference between Private Mortgage Insurance and Mortgage Protection Insurance and which kind of insurance gives your family the most security and keeps your house safe and how.

Life is unexpected, but you can plan everything in it. I will help you take concrete steps that will keep you and your family in your home, no matter what happens.

Mortgage Protection Insurance Easier Than Ever
  • Do you want to leave your family with no financial security?
  • Is your family capable enough to maintain the current lifestyle you are providing them?
  • Will they be able to find a similar paying job when you cannot work?
  • Can you guarantee that you will be perfectly healthy all your life?
  • Are you sure that you will be living to pay off your mortgages and finally own your house?

Three major reasons that lead most families to lose their properties to banks are:

1. The primary owner of the property is out of job or business and is not making the same amount of money.

2. Critical health conditions like an accident, cancer or a heart attack that do not allow the property owner to work.

3. Accidental death of the property owner with a family that cannot pay mortgages.

We can help you eradicate the last two of the three major threats above, and provide your family the support they need for as long as it is required. Just fill in the form on the contact us page and let’s discuss the details.

Do Not Leave Your Family Stranded; Plan For Them A House That No One Can Take Away.

It Really Hurts When You Realize That The House You Loved So Much And Have Tons Of Memories In Is not Yours Anymore.

If you are already taking care of your family, you already know how many times you ignored going to a doctor for your checkup or disregarded your own shopping so that your family can have better options. Make sure they always have those options when you are no longer able to provide for them.

We at Wade Benefit Services Inc. specialize in Mortgage Protection Insurance.

In Case Of Your Death Or A Critical Health Condition That Does Not Allow You To Work, We Can Have You Covered For As Long As It Is Required, With Utmost Security.

As an independent broker we have over 10 insurance companies we work with that will happily pay your beneficiaries the money to pay the mortgage company or bank. This way whatever is left over goes to your family not the bank.

Check out the slides below and learn more on how I can help you stay in your home, live a comfortable lifestyle even if you are unable to pay mortgage payments.

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