We will build a financial system that locks a profit percentage so that you keep making money year after year on your investment, no matter how big or small it is.

Your money keeps growing, giving you the cash flow to pay off your mortgage, bills, college dues, buy the car you want, to start a new business, and so many other possibilities.

You can create a financial system where you never lose money, even if a recession hits the economy. This financial system has proven to be one of the safest financial systems for over 2 centuries, and there are no signs it is going anywhere in the next 50+ years!

Takeesha Wade

Founder Wade Benefit Services and Financial Advisor

Your money is guaranteed safe!

No need to lock your money to ensure a profit percentage.

Zero tax on your investments and profits.

No restriction on how much money you can put in.

Your Family Bank is a perfect financial solution for individuals and families.

Financial stress is up in 2018 with over 52% stressed about their finances.

Unlike most financial advisors, who primarily focus on advising their clients about specific financial products they sell, like mutual funds or life insurance, Your Family Bank® teaches a proven personal financial literacy program that is based on 7 Steps that allow people to get in immediate control of their spending, debt, savings and taxation.

It is the only comprehensive financial management system in the industry today that helps individuals and families effectively manage every aspect of their financial lives.

YFB® Can Also Help Businesses.

We offer several different opportunities for business owners to help them make sure their business is financially sound. Some of these opportunities are Business Debt Reduction through the YFB® 7-steps, business pension planning, key man insurance, executive bonus and non-qualified deferred comp.

YFB Representative,

Takeesha Wade,

Wade Benefit Services. Inc.

Phone: (708) 350-4114

Email: yfb@wadebenefitservices.com