Delivering Financial Security To The Whole Family

We at Wade Benefit Services have one goal, to provide premium financial security and freedom to our clients when they need it the most.

Educating Families For Improved Protection

We know that many families don’t understand the importance of insurance to protect their financial future and to be independent. We are on a mission to educate them all, no matter what it costs.

10 + Years In The Industry

We have spent over 10 years experiencing the dynamics of investment institutions and how corporate and personal insurance works. We bring our experience, financial insight and multitude of insurance options on the table and help our clients make the smartest decision.

1-Stop For Comprehensive Insurance Services

Our investment knowledge and insurance expertise led us to gather a wide range of personal and family protection strategies under one roof. Once with us, you don’t have to look for another insurance or financial advisor ever again.




We are in agreement with all major insurance companies in multiple different states across the US. We can help you compare different insurance and financial plans, secure huge discounts on premiums and get the best offers from the best companies.

Whether you are planning to get a Medicare insurance supplement, whole life insurance policy or want the security of education for your children or an income plan while you are disabled or under prolonged medical care, we can get it done for you, at lower premiums while providing better protection to you and your family.

Final Expense Insurance

Life Insurance & Annuities

Our Passion:

We derive our passion from the desire to help individuals and families be financially stable, have a smooth income generation plan and a sizeable amount of money in their bank accounts when they are unable to generate their own income.

We want every indiviual to live a healthy, well cared and stress-free life, even better if they live a life of their dreams.

Our Mission:

We at Wade Benefit Services are on a mission to guide our clients to the smartest investments and reliable insurance plans.

We understand that most families never get out of the debt cycle and are unable to live a financially independent life. We can help achieve this freedom in a very short time and at a fraction of the cost.

Our Motivation:

Happy smiles on the faces of our clients and their families and the feeling that our counselling has led them to live their dream lives is our key motivation that keeps us up days and nights.

We aspire to bring only the best investment possibilities in front of our clients and then go beyond our means to over deliver so that they know that they have the best.

How We Work At WBS:

✔ We offer a wide range of insurnace and investment opportunities to our clients.

✔ All you need to do is call us up or contact us using the contact forms on our website. One of our representatives will contact you to setup an appointment.

✔ We will then provide you the best financial solutions according to your requirements and the needs of your family.

✔ The quote is devloped and provided to you within 72 hours of us getting the details.

✔ Once you agree to the terms and conditions and payment plan of your insurance, the official documents are prepared and our representative will get them signed from you.

✔ The entire process does not take longer than one week to complete.

✔ We make sure that we help you in getting the best insurance covers by paying the least premium amounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Takeesha Wade, the CEO and Founder of Wade Benefit Services has gained the reputation of being a premier insurance broker-agent and financial advisor in 10+ states. She has helped hundreds of families rebuild their families, houses and financial lifestyles from ground up when fate had seemingly taken everything away from them; and she continues to do so…

Asking questions helps us understand your needs and come up with financial solutions and strategies that have the potential to deliver beyond what can be promised.

What kind of clients do you work with?
We work with everyone. Our goal is to find the best financial solutions for the whole family, so age, gender or in some cases health conditions don’t matter at all.
How long is the insurance process?

Our standard time to provide a quote is within 72 hours of getting your details. The documentation and initiation of the insurance agreement can take 1 week at most.

Most insurance companies and brokers take 15-20 working days to complete the same process.

We have also privided quotes on-spot and have completed the documents within 3 days as well.

Can I get an insurance plan for my children or parents?
Of course, if you want to be the sponsor of someone else, you can do it. You can also assign someone other than your family to be the beneficiary of the insurance benefits.

Wade Benefit Services is the whole package of insurance brokerage that a person would want to be with throughout his life.

Last year my father got very ill and I knew it could’ve cost me an arm and a leg. The whole team of Wade Benefit Services was there to give us moral and insurance support. I continuously ask my friends and family to get insured and recommend Wade Benefit Services.

Jacqueline Carbonell

Ms. Takeesha Wade was there standing by my side when I needed someone to be there for us.

My husband had an accident last year and I didnt know how to manage everything, mortgage, medical bills and my family. She took all the pain to get everyting sorted out between me and the insurance company before the first bill arrived.

She and her company saved me, my family and my house, I cannot repay her – ever!

Seraphina Barnes

In every aspect of the insurance field, Wade Benefit Services have mastered their abilities to an advanced level. They cover almost every insurance type which is available in the insurance market.

An insurance brokerage company is well defined when you need it most and I have experienced it myself with Wade Benefit Services. So I recommend to everyone I know to get insured with them.

Wesley Cooper

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